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Post  TCK-Innocent on Fri Dec 28, 2007 12:36 pm

As you may wondering what does TCK stand for? Well it stands for The Cool Kids.
We are a guild on AAu, Audition America. Well If you hate us don't join.
We TCK members are friendly so drop by. The only reason we'll ban you out
of a room is if we don't like you or we are recruiting . When we recruit don't
go in the room if your not joining unless your in watch then it fine by us. Other then that
we are sorry for banning you. Well how you join TCK? We give you a test,
you must do 350k+ 1fm on any 150 bpm+ song. We know that the test is easy
but later on we will make it harder. I am -TCK-Fantasy the Leader . If you wanna
take the test and i'm not on contact or look for -TCK-AiMei- ,-TCK-ilysm26,-TCK-Matsuri.
After you pass the test to be offically in TCK you gotta change your name
with the TCK tag in front of whatever your name is and i must know who you
are before you join because we won't want wannabes joining. No we do not guild battle,
because we don't wanna cause drama and all the bs. If your a TCK member
you can not recruit people with out my permission only TCK Co-Leaders can recruit. We as TCK like to
play normally as all you normal people out there. Well it simple, If you need
anything contact me.(:

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Welcome to TCK Forums.(: Empty Re: Welcome to TCK Forums.(:

Post  RyosukeZ on Sun Dec 30, 2007 8:58 am

And do not beg to get in when you have not passed. We will doing nothing about it , You have as many chance as you want. So dont beg to get in or you will get banned. Exclamation

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